Concrete Cleaning & Sealing



When concrete and exposed aggregate is cleaned and sealed, you are assured a fresh look. Sealing keeps concrete protected from weather and oils when they’ve been sealed with the appropriate product. The soft sheen a sealed concrete driveway or floor adds value to your home or office at a very low cost. 


The secret behind a job that lasts is thoroughly cleaning before sealing. Your concrete needs to be cleaned and washed, deep into its pores. Hot water extraction is the only true method of achieving this goal.


Just picture how the sealant will flow over the concrete surface and mix in with dust that will assuredly be sitting on top. If sealant spreads onto dirt and dust, you are looking for trouble. Like most jobs well done, perpetrations are the key.

Probably the greatest benefit achieved from sealing concrete flooring is that it keeps dust from filtering upwards through the concrete slab to the surface. I'm sure you've noticed that within a day or two from a good sweep and mop, you again have a dusty concrete floor. 

Our process is carried out similar to how we clean grout between tiles, and asphalt driveways. Soap is a must. Even if we don’t get the nod for your job, insist on the above process.   

Just a thought,,, we could clean and you seal!


The Doctor knows best. 

Seal or paint. 

Sealing is much more fashionable, and hands down more beautiful.

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Expossed aggregate gleams with an allive wet look

Sealing flat concrete always results in varrying colors