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Doctor Clean Carpet surgically extracts dirt and grime from your floors and soft furniture like no other. With the use of commercial equipment utilizing “Hot Water Extraction, also referred to as “Steam Cleaning” we perform wonderful face-lifts. 

Utilizing Hot Water Extraction along with today’s most resent technology; our operations go smoothly and thoroughly, leaving carpets clean and soft. Our Hot Water Extraction method is recommended by carpet manufacturers. 

For animal soils we can use Anti-Bacterial Solution to rid your areas of harmful bacteria. 

We can protect our work with the applications of a Teflon Stain Guard for protection of your material’s fibers.

Carpet Cleaning Benefits

Studies show that indoor air quality is often much worse than outdoor air. Poor air quality can be a problem for babies, the elderly and those with allergies or respiratory issues. Carpet traps airborne particles, removing them from the air you breathe. A regular regime of steam cleaning helps to ensure a healthier environment for your home and family. One cleaning per year is considered to be normal, but spring and fall may also be required for best care. 
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A Much Too Often Occurrence

The get-together is over and everyone had a great time. Everyone, that is, except the carpets and sofa. It’s suffering from spills, spots, and someone who didn’t bother to wipe their feet when they came in. 
Thankfully you know you can call Dr. Clean Carpet

Dirt disappears thanks to our deep penetrating Hot Water Extraction cleaning system and powerful industrial machines that reach deep into carpet pile. Once Dr. Clean is summonsed for a visit, you can expect a thorough, deep treatment that leaves your floor looking and feeling great. Just a few hours after your appointment, you’ll be back on your revitalized carpets!

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Pet Urin Disinfectant
Fresh Fragrance
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Is your red carpet red?

Or is it a little like this?

If it's looking like this, you need to call Doctor Clean Carpet, for a carpet physical.
With a little tender love and care our technistions will bring them back to life.  
We use specially formulated cleaning detergents that are green and leave your carpets soft. 
Yup,,,  Doc. has the formula.

Our newly cleaned carpets assure your family and loved ones 
a healthy flooring environment. 

Do you need your color back?

 Or just want to make him happy again?


Or maybe she's the finicky one.

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