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We service 
Homes,   Offices,   Apartments,   Restaurants,   Hotels,   Autos

West Kelowna
Lake Country
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Best Kelowna Carpet Cleaning 
Services Provided 

• Carpet & Throw Rug Cleaning
• Upholstery Cleaning 
• Automobile Upholstery Cleaning 
• Pet Urine and Odor Remediation
• Carpet Protection with DuPont Teflon Stain Guard 
• Flood water removal


What to Expect During Each Cleaning Visit

• A thorough pre-treating
• Non-toxic steam cleaning 
• Assistance in moving small furniture, upon request
• Environmentally friendly, natural cleaning solutions
• Scheduled appointment
• A few hour drying time

Doctor Clean Carpet surgically extracts dirt and grime from your floors and soft furniture like no other. 
With the use of commercial equipment utilizing “Hot Water Extraction, also referred to as “Steam Cleaning” 
We perform wonderful face-lifts. 

Utilizing Hot Water Extraction along with today’s best carpet cleaning technology. 
Our operations go smoothly and thoroughly, leaving carpets clean and soft. 
Hot Water Extraction method is recommended by carpet manufacturers. 

For animal soils we can use Anti-Bacterial Solution to rid your areas of harmful bacteria. 

We can protect our work with the applications of a Teflon Stain Guard for protection of your material’s fibers.

Doctor Clean Carpet also cleans cement and asphalt driveways, and floors.
You'll love the results when driveways are sealed immediately after cleaning.

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Service appointment times 24/7

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Doctor Clean Carpet
1458 Richter
Kelowna, BC

Doctor Clean Carpet
1449 Rome Place
West Kelowna, BC
V4T 1Y5

Phone:   778-581-7951


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